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News and updates about Indonesia

Indonesia Denies Hamas Request

Despite legislative support, Indonesia's government denied Hamas' request to open official office in Jakarta.

Indonesia Denies Hamas Request for Representative Office

Jerusalem is the '2016 Islamic Tourism Capital'

PA official says Organization of Islamic Cooperation selected Jerusalem in international forum to 'break Israel's siege.'

Jerusalem is the '2016 Islamic Tourism Capital'

International Community Pledges $220 Million to PA

Jakarta conference for 'Palestinian refugees' sees huge donations to PA - but it is not enough for the UNRWA.

International Community Pledges $220 Million to PA

Nazi-Themed Cafe Relents Amid Global Pressure

Owner of Nazi-themed cafe in central Indonesia has agreed to close down shop after coming under a whirlwind of international pressure.

Nazi-Themed Cafe Relents Amid International Pressure

Indonesia Arrests 11 in Planned US Embassy Attack

Indonesian police arrested 11 Islamic extremists who were allegedly planning an attack on the U.S. embassy in Jakarta.

Indonesian Police Arrest 11 Over Planned US Embassy Attack

Second Tsunami Alert in Triggered in Indonesia

Three strong aftershocks have triggered a second tsunami warning for Indonesia after a massive earthquake struck the area.

Huge Aftershocks Trigger Second Tsunami Alert in Indonesia

Giant Indonesia Quake Sparks Tsunami Warnings

The US Geological Survey has posted tsunami warnings following a giant 8.9 Richter scale earthquake off the coast of Indonesia.

Giant Indonesia Quake Sparks Tsunami Warnings

Indonesian Student Ignite New Uprising?

Could an Indonesian student ignite a second "Jasmine Revolution" after immolating himself in front of the presidential palace in Jakarta?

Indonesian Student to Ignite Another Jasmine Revolution?

Rambam Hospital Hosts Doctors from Indonesia

A special seminar at Haifa's Rambam Hospital has attracted doctors from all over the world, including from Muslim Indonesia.

Rambam Hospital Hosts Doctors from Indonesia

Indonesia Court Marginalizes Muslim Minority

A member of a minority Islamic sect who defended his comrades against an attempted lynch has drawn a heavier sentence than his assailants

Indonesian Lynch Victim Gets Harsher Sentence than Assailants

Bali Terrorist Extradited to Indonesia

Umar Patek, accused in Indonesia of playing a key role in the 2002 Bali bombings, extradited from Pakistan.

Terrorist who Helped Plan Bali Attacks Extradited to Indonesia

Indonesia Sentences Islamist

Indonesia sentenced Islamic firebrand Abu Bakar Bashir to 15 years in jail and showed that it will not be intimidated by Islamists.

Indonesia Unintimidated, Jails Islamic Firebrand

Celebrating Israel in Indonesia

An Indonesia man plans to celebrate Israel's Independence Day in Jakarta. Ten people to attend.

Indonesian Man Plans to Celebrate Israeli Independence

Jewish Revival in Indonesia

A 19 meter tall Chanukah menorah stands bright on a mountain overlooking Manado, a Christian stronghold in the Muslim country of Indonesia.

Jewish Revival in Indonesia's Christian Stronghold

Obama Reaches Out to Muslims

Muslim leaders skeptical as Obama makes speech in Indonesia and calls to improve U.S.-Muslim relations.

After Elections: Obama Reaches Out to Muslims Again

WW2 Indonesia Scapegoat: Jews

Haifa University study on Japanese occupation of Indonesia finds tiny Jewish community was blamed for economic crisis, persecuted.

'Japanese Scapegoated Indonesia's Jews in WW2'

Pe'er to Play, Flag not Welcome

Israeli tennis star Shachar Pe'er has been granted a visa to an international tournament in Indonesia, but Israel's flag will not be welcome.

Pe'er to Play in Bali, but Israeli Flag Not Welcome