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Father Gabriel Nadaf

News and updates about Father Gabriel Nadaf

Aramaean leader slams PA Evangelical 'liars'

Father Gabriel Naddaf says Evangelicals tell churches abroad that Hamas' terror tunnels 'are actually for food and drink.'

Aramaean leader slams PA Evangelical 'liars'

First: Israeli Christian leader visits Samaria

Aramaean Greek-Orthodox priest Father Gabriel Naddaf visits Samaria, says Jews the true owners, derides 'Jesus was Palestinian' claim.

In historic first, Israeli Christian leader visits Samariaplayer

Students Help Christian Refugees Fleeing ISIS

Im Tirtzu, Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum team up with Israeli volunteers to aid Christians in Iraq and Syria.

Students Gather Packages for Christian Refugees Fleeing ISIS

Watch: What's it Like to be a Christian in Israel?

Israeli Christian group shows what it's like to be a Christian in Israel. The results might surprise you.

Watch: What Happens When a Christian Wears a Cross in Israel?player

'Christians in Middle East Only Safe in Israel'

Greek Orthodox priest Father Gabriel Nadaf defends Israel before the UNHRC, calls on it to end anti-Israel 'witch hunt.'

'Israel the Only Place in Middle East Where Christians are Safe'

New Nationality for Christians: Aramaean

Many of Israel's 160,0000 Christians, hitherto registered as Arabs, eligible to re-register as Aramaeans; their leaders are ecstatic.

Israeli Christians' New Nationality: Aramaean, not Arab

IDF to Send Optional Draft Notices to Christians

Israel reaches out to Christian Arab recruits by sending optional draft notices - a move with significant political and social potential.

IDF to Send Voluntary Draft Notices to Christian Arab Recruits

Number of Christians Joining the IDF On the Rise

84 Arab Christians joined the IDF in the last half of 2013 and the numbers are expected to rise.

Number of Arab Christians Joining the IDF On the Rise

Christian Leader: 'We Want to Defend the State'

In meeting with PM, Father Gabriel Nadaf reaffirms his commitment to Christian Arab integration into Israeli society.

Christian Leader: 'We Want to Defend the State'