Abu Tir

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IDF Arrests Abu Tir

Hamas official was jailed after Shalit abduction and released in 2010.

IDF Arrests Hamas' Abu Tir

Fighting Terror Diplomatically

US declares Hamas “terrorist organization” on paper, but Israel has to deal daily with this reality - even sometimes by expelling Hamas members.

Fighting Terrorism Diplomatically

Hamas Man Abu Tir Back in Jail

Senior Hamas terrorist, PA legislator Abu Tir, has been charged for failing to leave Jerusalem after previous release from prison.

Hamas Man Abu Tir Back in Jail

UN 'Expert' Accuses Israel

UN appointee termed by Israeli ambassador as not "impartial or objective” warns that Israeli actions in Jerusalem could amount to war crimes.

‘Impartial’ UN Expert: Israeli Actions are ‘War Crimes'

Hamas Leader Told to Leave

Israeli police give terrorist leader Mohammed Abu-Tir one day to get out of Jerusalem.

Israeli Police Tell Hamas Leader to Get Out of Jerusalem

Nationalists Accost Abu Tir

Activists led by Itamar Ben Gvir broke into the compound where Abu Tir was being questioned by police.

Nationalists Try to Attack Abu Tir

Hamas 'Redbeard' to Go Free?

Israel is about to set free Muhammad Abu Tir, Hamas parliamentarian who was captured after Gilad Shalit's abduction. MK Ben-Ari: re-arrest him.

Israel to Release Hamas's 'Redbeard' Abu Tir; MK Up in Arms