An item in Friday's Arutz-7 report is forebodingly reminiscent of a warning issued two years before Egypt's surprise attack against Israel on Yom Kippur 1973.

Arutz-7 reported on Friday that U.S. Representative Tom Lantos (D-Ca.) warned that Egypt is building up its military in preparation for a future war with Israel. The House International Relations Committee member said that Egypt's military build-up and exercises are "ominously geared toward an Israeli enemy," and that Egypt recently supplemented its navy with 11 new battle units and other weapons procurements - despite the fact that Egypt has no serious enemies in the region.

This is not the first time that US legislators have warned of hostile Egyptian intentions towards Israel - and sometimes they have even been correct. A headline in the Sep. 24, 1971 issue of Maariv blared, "Senator [Henry "Scoop"] Jackson Warns: 100,000 Egyptians are Planning to Cross the Suez Canal." Haggai Segal, who discovered the headline last year, noted that Jackson's warning accurately predicted what happened just two years later: "We have proof of vigorous Egyptian exercises for the purpose of completing military plans to infiltrate [Sinai by] crossing the canal," Jackson said, providing concrete examples of the Egyptian preparations.

Rep. Lantos said a few days ago that he plans to introduce legislation that will reduce and eventually eliminate the $1.3 billion Egypt receives annually in US military aid.

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