Rami Naim, a Lebanese journalist who is a vocal critic of Hezbollah, was assaulted on Tuesday in Beirut by a group of men.

According to the journalist's account of the incident, he was meeting fellow Lebanese journalist Aouni Al-Kaki at a Starbucks in the Verdun neighborhood when he was "assaulted by a group of young men who identified themselves as being from Hezbollah."

He added that he is waiting for the findings of an investigation into the incident.

In a short video showing part of the incident a group of men is seen manhandling the journalist, yet the extent of the attack is unclear from the video. Many pro-Hezbollah X users shared the footage in an attempt to downplay the incident.

Naim told Beirut al-Yom after the incident: "The faces of those who attacked me yesterday were clear, and the videos are in the hands of the security and judicial authorities. One of them drew a gun and aimed it at my companions, and we were unarmed. I thank Prime Minister Najib Mikati, the judge, the Minister of Justice, and all the security forces that took action." He added that the assailants documented the incident on their phones.

The assault did not seem to deter the journalist who said: "I have not changed my opinion, as I have always been opposed to Hezbollah."