Since the beginning of the war in the Gaza Strip, the Missile Ship Flotilla and Naval Security Squadron have struck hundreds of targets and provided support to soldiers on the ground. Israeli Navy soldiers have eliminated terrorists, including dozens active in Hamas' naval forces. Most of the leaders of Hamas' naval forces, which consist of hundreds of operatives specializing in carrying out maritime attacks, have also been targeted and killed.

Simultaneously, the missile ships of the Israeli Navy are continuing to operate in the Red Sea, according to the situational assessment and as part of enhanced defensive efforts. This week, the INS Magen, a Sa'ar 6-class corvette, anchored in the port of Eilat for the first time, joining the Israeli Navy's operational activities.

Alongside this activity, the operational processing of the fourth and final ship of the Sa'ar 6 series was completed, which took over two years – a very rapid pace for installing and adapting advanced combat systems and state-of-the-art Israeli systems for four ships simultaneously.

In addition, in cooperation between units of the Israeli Navy, including the operational headquarters, intelligence division, and other operational and technological units, along with combat forces on the ground, the Israeli Navy successfully thwarted several unmanned underwater vessels, intended to attack Israel's strategic maritime assets and coastlines.