The delegation in Homesh
The delegation in HomeshHomesh Yeshiva

Members of the coalition came to visit the Homesh Yeshiva in Samaria were impressed by the yeshiva's permanent building and encouraged the yeshiva students for their hold on the place.

MK Woldiger congratulated the students of the yeshiva and said: "I am happy to see with my own eyes the blossoming of the Homesh Yeshiva. With God's help, the Yeshiva will grow in Torah and in scholars who give their lives for the Land of Israel, the people of Israel and the Torah of Israel."

MK Solomon said: "To come here and see the yeshiva students who studied in a tent and moved to a large and respectable study hall is wonderful and uplifting. We are committed to the fact that Homesh will be rebuilt soon. Continue to grow in Torah out of dedication. This place will grow and flourish and become very, very strong."

MK Kelner added: "The power of perseverance is the power of the people of Israel who have always won, who defeated all their eulogizers throughout history, returned us to our land and by its power we act. You yeshiva students prove this by your actions and we are at your service. This place will be built together with the whole Land of Israel."

The head of the Samaria Council, Yossi Dagan, said: "We will continue to work to build the Homesh and the other towns that were evicted. The students of the Homesh Yeshiva are the spearhead of the fight for Homesh and from there to all the settlements in Northern Samaria. We have returned to Homesh and will return home to the rest of the towns in Northern Samaria."

Shmuel Vandi, CEO of Homesh, said: "This place exists thanks to the stubbornness of the students all along to continue to hold on to the land of Homesh, and through their power, Homesh and other settlements in northern Samaria will soon be built. Thank you to our public representatives in the Knesset who are faithful messengers of us and of the Land of Israel."