Neve Yaakov terror victims
Neve Yaakov terror victimsArutz Sheva

Note: The names of the terror victims in the Neve Yaakov shooting can be found here.

Who can explain

How explain

Someone who sees bursts of alien fire

And knows instinctively: Someone else is in danger

And jumps unthinkingly into the fray

How explain someone who does not hide,

And then

Hit by fire, returns fire

And drowning, saves

And bleeding, aims –

How explain this courage…

How explain

Someone who looks out the window

After Kiddush, zemirot and challah

And hears – shooting! And leaps into the battle

How explain the wife who follows him

Armed with a tray of good deeds

Because she knows there must be those in need of aid

How explain…

How explain being shot down in the street

And how explain that they were

He who warms the hearts of parents

And the Prophet Elijah of our time

For whom helping strangers is the norm

And those people who left their simple homes

To welcome the Sabbath Queen

People of prayer, people of community

People now written in the Book of Eternal Life

Jews of the Holy Shabbat.

How explain…

Tsur Ehrlich is a well known Israeli poet, journalist, translator and book critic who writes a weekly poetry column in the Makor Rishon Hebrew weekly where this poem appeared.

Translated with permission by Rochel Sylvetsky