NetanyahuYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed as "lies and fear-mongering" the accusations which have been levelled against his government before it is even formed.

"Lapid and Gantz do not accept the election results and spread lies and fear-mongering against a government elected by the majority of the public," Netanyahu said.

He added: "Lapid, who established a dangerous government with the Muslim Brotherhood, broke records in appointing close associates and MKs through the 'Norwegian Law,' and signed the surrender agreement with Hezbollah, is currently conducting a campaign of delegitimization against the people's choice."

He listed a number of claims which he said are lies about the coalition deals he has reached.

"The Ministry of Defense will be disbanded" - a lie. The Civil Administration makes up less than a thousandth of the Ministry of Defense - and it will remain in the Ministry of Defense.

"The Ministry of Education will be transferred to Avi Maoz" - a lie. Avi Maoz will only deal with external engagements of the Ministry of Education which make up about one thousandth of the education budget and will work under the Prime Minister. The Ministry of Education will continue to determine the curriculum.

"The government will act against LGBT people" - a lie. The rights of LGBT people will not be harmed and we will maintain the status quo in matters of religion and state.

"Liberman says "the anthem will change". come on.

"Do not believe the lies and intimidation. Share the truth," Netanyahu concluded.