Rockets from Gaza seen over central Israel
Rockets from Gaza seen over central IsraelFlash 90

Following the report regarding sirens sounded in open areas, one rocket was fired from Gaza toward Israeli territory, the IDF confirmed.

The siren initially sounded just prior to 8:00p.m. on Saturday evening, near the town of Nahal Oz.

No interceptors were launched.

Full routine continues on the Israeli home front, the IDF added.

The last time an air raid siren sounded was on November 3, at 9:10p.m., in Nirim, Ein Hashlosha, and Kissufim. That incident is believed to have been a response by the Islamic Jihad to the elimination of one of its terrorists, Farouk Salameh, in Jenin.

Earlier this week, an Islamic Jihad commander and his assistant were eliminated in Jenin.