IDF operations in Jenin
IDF operations in JeninIDF spokesperson

Members of the Border Police's undercover Arab unit, together with IDF forces and Shabak (Israel Security Agency), on Thursday afternoon began working to arrest a terrorist in Jenin.

As the forces entered, alarms were sounded in Jenin to warn residents of the forces' entry.

According to Arab reports, a senior Islamic Jihad terrorist was killed in the shootout, and several other Arabs were injured.

Farouk Salameh, the Islamic Jihad terrorist reported as killed in the gunfight, arrived at a meat shop in order to slaughter a cow for his wedding, which was scheduled to be held Saturday.

He fired at the forces, refused arrest, and was eliminated by the Border Police unit. Israel's defense echelon had decided to arrest Salameh after receiving intelligence information regarding a terror attack that he planned to carry out.

Salameh, 28, was eliminated due to his refusal to be arrested.

A photo of him circulating on social media showed Salameh together with Wadia Alhouh, one of the founders of the Lions' Den terror group, who was killed last week by security forces.

Salameh was involved in a number of shooting attacks against IDF soldiers and was suspected of planning additional attacks.

Additionally, he was involved in the incident in which Chief Warrant Officer Noam Raz, a Yamam police officer, was killed on Friday, 15 May 2022. Furthermore, he was suspected of cooperating with the “Lion’s Den” terror group in order to carry out additional major attacks.

Following precise ISA intelligence, the forces operated in a building in which the suspect was located. There was an exchange of fire at the scene and the suspect managed to run away.

The forces then conducted a search for the suspect, during which the suspect pulled out a gun. The soldiers responded with live fire and the suspect was neutralized. Furthermore, armed individuals shot live fire at the soldiers, who responded with live fire. Hits were identified.

In addition, the forces apprehended five additional wanted individuals. The apprehended individuals had a handgun and an M-16 rifle in their possession. In addition, the handgun that was used by Farouk Salameh was also confiscated.

No IDF injuries were reported.

The apprehended individuals were transferred to security forces for further processing.