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Two Jewish professors at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, New York accused the university of retaliatory behavior towards them after they submitted a complaint alleging antisemitism.

The professors had also voiced opposition to a professor who promoted the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement which she wanted the school to adopt.

Professors Jeffrey Lax and Michael Goldstein told the Washington Free Beacon that last week the college hired a New York-based investigative firm to conduct “an investigation based on the concerns" raised by Professor Lili Shi.

Lax and Goldstein charged that the letter, which was sent by CUNY, of which the college is affiliated, while not specifying what the concerns were made it plain that it was "blatantly retaliatory" because they were against Shi being placed on a hiring committee for a diversity office.

The professors accused Shi of being anti-Israel after she signed a letter urging CUNY to support the BDS movement.

They told the Free Beacon that the letter was sent after Lax filed a complaint against Shi.

A Kingsborough Community College spokesperson denied the accusations, telling the news outlet that the school has a "zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind... and allegations of this kind are taken very seriously."