Tzvi Fishman and the Holy Land
Tzvi Fishman and the Holy LandCourtesy
For almost 35 years, ever since I began writing blogs on Israel National News, Diaspora Jews have been chastising me for writing that there was no future for them in alien gentile lands. Soon, when modern-day Esau unleashes another one of his uncontrollable and history-repeating attacks against Yaacov (Jacob) Diaspora Jews will get even angrier at me for not having screamed out louder, in even more forceful language to make their deaf ears hear and their blind eyes see. What a shame. How it fills the heart with pain.

I remember sitting in the international departure lounge of Kennedy Airport in New York some twenty years ago, waiting for my return flight to Israel. When I glanced up from the book I was studying, I noticed that other travelers, non-Jews on their way to Europe, were all staring at me from their seats across the hall. Their eyes were filled with hatred as they gazed at the long-bearded Jew across the way from them with his large kippah and Hebrew tome. In a moment of frightening realization I felt that they were all ready to attack me, but that, at least for that moment in time, the Holy Blessed Be He had turned off their attack switch. They seemed to snarl at me, like attack dogs held back by an invisible leash.

Another time, as a 22 year old American hippie, long before I had a beard and wore a kippah, before I became a baal tshuva, I sailed from New York to France on a large oceanliner. During the journey I became friendly with a blond, long-haired youth from Amsterdam. Reaching the port of Cherbourg, we descended from the passenger ship with our backpacks, looking like two hippies in search of a good time. A Mercedes Benz drove by and the driver shouted out the window – the very first words I heard on European soil – “Heil Hitler!”

I was astounded. Believe me, neither of us looked liked Jews. Apparently this French anti-Semite could smell the Jew in me as if he were a trained Doberman attack dog.

The point is, as Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai taught us the halakha a long time ago, “Esav hates Yaacov.” Indeed, the Jews still lingering in the Diaspora have no future on foreign soil. Violent attacks against Jews are occurring every day.(Yes, they occur in Israel, but the perpetrators are a defined group, and the army and police are on their trail asap;) The writing is scrawled clearly on the wall even for a blind man to see. But the Jews carry on their business as usual, pretending “It can’t happen here,” as if the Holy One Blessed Be He has gone on vacation, forgetting his promise to return the scattered Children to Israel in one way or another.

The Jews of Europe didn’t listen to the strident warnings of HaRav Kook and Jabotinsky, just as the Jews of America didn’t listen to the oft-repeated warnings of HaRav Meir Kahane. Why should they listen to me? The only hope lies with the State of Israel. Without immediately initiating a national emergency Aliyah campaign, with a huge budget, dynamic leaders, and massive building in Israel to house the fleeing refugees and the infrastructure to provide them with jobs, without this gigantic effort millions of our brothers and sisters will perish, either via modern-day pogroms or the ever-increasing assimilation which is devastating Diaspora Jewry like a cancer out of control.

The new government of Israel must rise to the challenge and make it a Number 1 Priority no less important than defense, security, the eradication of terror, renewed settlement, and the Jewish education of our children. We have to act now!