Eric Adams
Eric AdamsREUTERS/Andrew Kelly

New York City Mayor Eric Adams will attend an antisemitism summit in Greece this week before travelling to the World Cup in Qatar.

Adams will leave New York City on Wednesday for Athens where he will participate in the 2022 Mayors Summit Against Antisemitism conference, Fox News reported.

The mayor’s trip comes after the threat against the Jewish community in New York City last weekend in which two suspects were arrested and charged with making terroristic threats, aggravated harassment and weapons possession, Adams’ office said in a statement.

Speaking after the arrests, Adams noted that “this was not an idle threat. This was a real threat.”

"After arresting the suspects, law enforcement officers recovered a Glock semi-automatic firearm, a ghost gun with an extended 30-round magazine and laser sight, a large hunting knife, a black ski mask, and a Nazi arm band. A Nazi arm band, in New York City, in 2022. Think about that for a moment,” he said.

"Over 77 years ago, allied soldiers liberated Auschwitz and exposed the full extent of the horrors of the Holocaust. Hate is on the rise in America, a dark cloud over our nation," Adams added. "It has become normalized by politicians and celebrities, amplified by social media and cable news, and weaponized by the easy availability of guns in this country. This was a ghost gun. That adds to the already over-saturation of guns in our city and cities across America. This is a toxic mix with frightening implications for our society."

The mayor’s office’s travel advisory said that after his stop in Greece, Adams will attend the World Cup in Qatar. At the tournament, he “will meet with a number of government officials, as well as security and economic development leaders.

"The trip is intended to learn more about the 2022 World Cup as New York City/New Jersey prepare to serve as a host city to the games in 2026,” the advisory said.