Noa Kirel at the press conference
Noa Kirel at the press conferenceRafi Delouya

Israeli singer Noa Kirel on Wednesday morning announced at a press conference that she will represent Israel in the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in the UK.

"I am very excited and I feel that we are beginning a mission - and what a mission, it came by complete surprise - suddenly they tell me that I'm representing Israel at the Eurovision."

"It starts with shock, and since then it hasn't stopped," Kirel continued. "You stopped me nonstop in the street, at performances. I'm already imagining myself on the Eurovision's amazing stage. In a decision from my heart, I put everything on the side and I am heading into this with complete faith."

"I always felt proud to represent the country. Today as well, I am going on a journey in order to bring great honor to the country. I want to thank the committee which chose me, it's not something I take for granted. Already today, I am starting to work, and as you know, I work hard. So cross your fingers for me."

On her worries about the competition, Kirel said, "Obviously there are worries, I am a person and I am sometimes afraid. This is an honorable position and an honorable stage. There are politics involved in it and things that don't depend on me, it could be that I will fail, obviously. But I always took risks. Most of the time it works, this is part of the career and this is who I am. I am representing my country and I have taken the risk."