Israeli singers Omer Adam and Noa Kirel met at a studio and decided that now, with the end of Operation Guardian of the Walls, Israelis must remember that one cannot lose hope.

"So we took our amazing anthem, that fills our heart and soul with pride every time we sing it. We added some more words of hope to it, in Hebrew and in English, and we also brought in two great international artists, who worked together with us," they explained.

Omer Adam and Noa Kirel
Omer Adam and Noa KirelPhoto: PR

The two artists are Scott Storch and rapper LunchMoney Lewis. This is Adam and Kirel's first project together, and its timing, just one week after the end of a Gaza operation and following a year of pandemic life, together with the choice to sing Israel's anthem Hatikva, sends a message of pride, optimism, strength, and hope, showing the pair's great patriotism and their love of their people. All proceeds from the song will go to YAHAD United for Israel's Soldiers.

"Wow, what a year we had," they wrote. "Corona messed up the entire world's lives and ended all our fun, messed up everyone's plans and reminded us that we don't really decide anything. And then when we were finally done with it first and like big kids, and we started to get back into things, we had the horrific disaster in Meron during the Lag Ba'omer celebrations, at the height of the event. It was a huge shock. An unbearable pain."

"And then Operation Guardian of the Walls, missiles, sleepless nights, bomb shelters, fears, everyone feeling what the residents of the south have been going through for so many years. Our soldiers on the front, the Air Force working around the clock, and the Iron Dome remind us that we are lucky and that we are smart and strong.

"And then the rioting around the entire country, hatred, violence, fear in the streets. And the disaster on Friday night in a Jerusalem synagogue. And the world, it seems it's entirely against us. Anti-Semitism around the world, protests, Jews being slandered and attacked. It's hard to win a war on social media. What else? May G-d protect us.

"So we're reminding you that there is no one better than our nation and our soldiers, and that we cannot lose hope! With G-d's help, we will see better days and return to being one nation with one heart."