Summer has arrived and now that COVID lockdowns are finally over, we are back to flying around the world more freely -- and this also means seeing our beautiful Land of Israel packed with tourists from all over the world.

Every year a large number of teenagers arrive in Israel to visit what they see as "their" land, to explore, enjoy, and also try to find themselves, for those who feel lost or don't know what to do with their lives. Israel is the ideal place to seek out one's roots, meaning in life, religion... But sometimes, for whatever reason, young people end up in the wrong crowd or fall into the black hole called drugs or alcohol or any other kind of addiction. Some even come to Israel thinking that just being here will give them the ability to find a cure to their addiction simply because they are now in the "Holy Land" where things sort themselves out in one way or another.

But they're wrong.

People struggling with any sort of addiction or conditions such as anorexia or bulimia need a proper framework in which to stay, and professional care too.

Today in the studio with me I had the pleasure of having a little chat with Yehuda Liff, co-director of Retorno. Every year, more than 30 thousand people take part in Retorno’s community-wide prevention programs: students and teachers, army soldiers and officers, professionals and laypeople, rabbis, community activists, and parents. Participants are exposed to Retorno’s wide range of educational and therapeutic tools, opening a window to the world of emotional turmoil and the errant “solution” to extreme behaviors.

They learn in a warm and trusting environment where they grasp the meaning of powerlessness, lack of control, and asking for help, and they begin to understand the manifestations of addiction. In-depth experiential activities offer practical tools that enable them to help others.

Activities are designed for groups of educators, students, corporate teams, professionals, and parents. Don't miss this important talk with Yehuda.

Have a great day!