Relax, what bad things could happen to the good Germans?
Relax, what bad things could happen to the good Germans?

 Four terror attacks in just one week, which have left dead and wounded on trains, in shopping malls, streets and restaurants, probably woke up Germany from a long sleep and its denial of reality. Nothing was real, it only seemed to be so.

In 2004, Madrid was bombed to push it to withdraw its soldiers from Iraq. In 2005, London was bombed because of its alliance with the US in the war on terror. France has been hit three times during the last year for its military interventions in Africa, the cartoons on Mohammed and its secularism (the ban of Islamic veil).

Since the Second World War II, Germany has devoted itself to a militant pacifism trying to follow Winston Churchill’s definition of the appeaser: “The one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last”.

First there was the German opposition to the war in Iraq, when Gerhard Schröder and Dominique de Villepin used the veto of the “old Europe” against the US intervention. Now German parliamentarians, such as the Green Renate Künast, even criticized the police for killing a terrorist after ax attack aboard a train in Würzburg. “Couldn’t the assailant have been stopped without killing him????”, asked Künast, with four question marks.

Germans wanted to show that they were good again by atoning for the sense of guilt for Nazism with the acceptance of million of foreigners. Their culture, famous for naivete and self-righteousness, has been infested with hatred for America.

The theater guru Peter Zadek said that Americans are comparable to the Nazis. And the Gestapo lives in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib is the new Auschwitz and the NSA took over the office of the Reich Security. A culture unable to forgive the Jews for Auschwitz and which scapegoated the State of Israel (see Günter Grass’ disagraced poem inciting against the Jews).

A mixture of wealth and pacifism has been a disaster for Germany and has caused cowardice. Germany today discusses transgender and burkinis in a moral decline associated with wealth. Seventy years of “peace” have caused Germany  to lose the will to fight for freedom and to even recognize mass violence (Cologne’s sexual pogrom).

“The German journalists are now in voluntary submission”, German Jewish intellectual Henryk Broder told me. After the last four attacks, if you open the German newspapers you will find very few free, unconventional voices. Take Christian Bommarius of the Frankfurter Rundschau: he has just written that “the likelihood of losing life on the roads is higher than the likelihood to be the target of a bomb”.

Another journalist, Arno Frank of Zeit, just asked people to answer to terrorism with a bizzarre weapon: “Serenity”.

Relax: what bad things could happen to the good Germans?