Did The Free World Go Insane, and What Can We Do about It?
Did The Free World Go Insane, and What Can We Do about It?

With the dangerous waves of out of control, wicked, radical Islam in the Middle East, in Europe, in the USA and elsewhere, there is no meaningful outrage and protest among the politicians, the media, the intellectuals and others.

One has to be only partially awake to realize that there is a definitive advancement of the radical agenda all over the world. But for some reason, most people are oblivious to this major danger to themselves - or maybe they just do not care.

We do not have to look very far. The relevant information is readily available on various outlets. But it is not at all simple to weed out the propaganda from the real facts and the truth. There is a major industry of deception, promoted by the villains to advance their self-serving agendas, using lies and creative editing to deceive their audience. They encourage rage and self-destructive practices, totally ignoring the welfare of the people whom they exploit. The classic example is the abuse of the Arab Palestinian population by their wicked self-serving leaders from Hamas and the PA.

On one hand, the villains incite their radical followers to act on their behalf, and on the other hand they try to influence innocent individuals to take actions and positions, even if they will become harmful to themselves, should the villains prevail.

If you listen to what the radical Muslims are telling their own people you will get a lot of relevant information about their real intentions.

When journalists and other public speakers misrepresent the facts to serve the radicals by promoting their agenda, they are ignoring the fact that even journalists may become the victims of these wicked leaders.

The practice of manipulating the titles, pictures and content of the articles, by journalists, who are trying to present a certain point of view, ignoring the proper information and the proper context, is being exposed by various organizations - such as Honest Reporting and CAMERA - which several times has been able to force corrections to the published information.

Unfortunately, the corrections, if accepted, are published late when they are not relevant any more, and are buried in a way that keep most people from seeing them.

The manipulation of stories and the staging of confrontation has become an art, perpetrated by trained men, women and children, and often has an effective impact on the oblivious, who believe that what they see is the truth, and as a consequence may stimulate the expected rage.

Despite the fact that the condition of the Arab population continuously improved as the Jewish population grew in the land of Israel, in comparison to the condition of the Arab population in the neighboring countries, the Arab population was continuously incited against the Infidel, by their self serving wicked leaders.

Economic improvements to the conditions of the Arabs in Israel did not bring to peace, as the extensive corruption of the Arab Palestinian leadership and the ongoing incitement of the Arab population caused more suffering to the Arabs and Jews alike.

The recent wave of terrorists attacking innocent Israeli citizens is a classical example of inciting and exploiting the oblivious Arabs in Israel. Therefore, a serious effort to educate for peace may help improve the future of the majority of the population.

In general terms, people must understand that they personally have a vested interest in working for peace and reconciliation, due to the fact that should the villains win that will result in Jews, Arabs and all other people from all religions suffering terrible, inhumane exploitation. 

One of the techniques used to limit the effectiveness of the reporting and the condemnation of the actions of the radical Muslims is the concept of “politically correctness”. Implementation of this concept is tying the hands of those who may share the dangers looming on our society and on presenting an impressive report about the real dangers that we may face should the villains prevail. People with wishful thinking will give in to the villains, hoping for peace and reconciliation, but unfortunately, the end result will be only more control in the wrong hands.

So what can we do?

  • Make people aware of the fact that handlers with ulterior motives may manipulate the information that they read or see in selective media outlets.
  • Expose those who deliver inaccurate and manipulated information.
  • Let people understand that should the villains win, they and their families will have serious personal consequences.
  • Should terrorist be caught causing trouble, they should be prosecuted, lose any government benefits and should have to pay damages to their victims.
  • Any person caught inciting to violence should be prosecuted, lose any government benefits and should have to pay damages to their victims.
  • Parents of minors should be held responsible to the actions of their minor children, criminally and financially. They should be prosecuted, lose any government benefits and should have to pay damages to the victims.
  • Serious attempt should be made to share relevant factual information that will debunk the messages of propaganda and incitement.
  • Factual information should be disseminated to expose the corruption of the wicked self-serving leaders, their financial resources, and their malicious manipulation of their oblivious followers.
  • Make a serious effort to educate the population at large, about the truth and the facts as they relate to the Extended Middle East and its effect on the free world.
  • Let people understand that irrational “political correctness” will facilitate the infiltration of the Radical Muslims into all segments of our society, and will have a negative effect on the future of the Christians, Moderate Muslims, Jews and ALL other "Infidels" in the free world as we know it.
  • Should governments be involved in incitement, subversion, and indiscriminate support to terrorism, they should be put on notice and suffer incremental economical sanctions and threat of real military confrontation.
  • There should be a serious scrutiny of leadership positions at the UN, in order to prevent self-serving villains from getting positions of power at this institution, using all means necessary.