Before or After the Hamastan Rockets Smash Tel Aviv?
Before or After the Hamastan Rockets Smash Tel Aviv?
The Israeli people didn't know about Attorney General Mazuz's legal opinion before the retreat from Gaza.
Israeli Minister of Defense (MOD) Moshe Ya'alon is a modern-day Jewish hero.  That's why President Obama attacks Ya'alon when he speaks the truth.  Now the only question is: When exactly do the Jews of Israel want to be told the truth that a Palestinian Arab State will rain chemical Katyushas down on Tel Aviv; after Tel Aviv is hit, or beforehand, so the Jews can fight another attempted mass-extermination?
Well, let's go to historical heart of Ariel Sharon's military "theory", the one behind the "Disengagement" Plan from Gaza in 2005.  According to the IDF Spokesperson, between 2001-2004, there were thousands, I repeat, thousands of Gaza rockets attacks into Israel.  That's thousands of Gaza rockets before the 2005 Disengagement. 
Ben Caspit, a leftist Israeli columnist, recently wrote:

"When late Prime Minister Ariel Sharon came up with the disengagement plan, which subsequently saw Israel pull out of the Gaza Strip in 2005, having razed the flourishing Israeli communities to the ground and redeployed along the international border, he was asked what would happen if the Palestinians continued firing rockets at civilians even after the eviction. 'In that case,' Sharon replied, 'I would demand that every rocket be met by heavy artillery fire.'

"Sharons directive never got off the ground. Following that directive, then-[Israeli]-Attorney-General (AG) Meni Mazuz sent a detailed legal opinion, explaining that the kind of retaliation instructed by the prime minister was prohibited. An argument ensued. Outraged, Sharon pounded on the table, yelled and protested, yet he did not alter the decree. Sharon carried out the disengagement. The Jewish settlements were demolished and burnt (four additional settlements were evicted in north Samaria). Some 8,600 settlers became homeless, and Israel deployed along the international border of the Gaza Strip."
Then-Prime-Minister Sharon knew before he retreated from Gaza that Israel wasn't going to be able to properly massively retaliate to wipe out the rockets, but he nevertheless retreated from Gaza.  His retreat brought thousands of additional rockets fired from Gaza into pre-1967 Israeli cities. The Israeli people didn't know about Attorney General Mazuz's legal opinion before the retreat and this 2005 legal opinion against any real Israeli retaliation against the rockets from Gaza applies with equal force against any future Israeli retaliation against Palestinian Arab terrorists (or PA police) firing rockets into Tel Aviv.
So, when do the Israeli Jews want the truth that Israel can't properly retaliate against future rockets from a Palestinian Arab state to their east?  After Israel gives away Judea and Samaria and the Fatah/Hamas rockets devastate Tel Aviv, or now, when Israeli national suicide can be prevented?
Recently Ha'aretz reported that Defense Minister Ya'alon told a group of Israeli businessmen afraid of the "boycotts" that “I encourage business ties with the Palestinian Authority and believe in a long process of building from the bottom up. But an agreement shouldn’t be pushed that in my opinion wont happen in the foreseeable future.”
The report continued, "Yaalon said the agreement 'in its current form; – that is, as proposed by Kerry – 'is bad and will destroy the economy, apropos talk of boycotts. If we lose freedom of military action, the 'West Bank' will turn into Hamastan, missiles will be fired at Tel Aviv and the economy will be destroyed.'" 
So when do the Israeli Jews want to know Obama/Kerry's "Peace Process" is an Auschwitz Plan - after the Palestinian Arab rockets fall into Tel Aviv homes and kindergartens, or before?
Is Ya'alon alone in his military assessment about Palestinian rockets?  What does the current IDF Chief of Staff (COS) Benny Gantz have to say about the rockets form Gaza? 
Arutz Sheva reported his visit to a school:

"The students asked the Chief of Staff whether it is possible to stop the rocket fire at Gan Yavne and other southern communities, following the barrage of rockets which hit Israel in the last week.

"COS Gantz responded, 'If we want to make sure that nothing will come from there, we need to retake Gaza [...] it's a problem we deal with every week'.

"'The decision to sleep on it is a strategic move,' he added.'"
Here we have it.  According to the highest military figure in Israel, "If we want to make sure nothing will come from there, we need to retake Gaza."  Taking that to a logical inference, the only way to "make sure nothing will come" from the 'West Bank' into Tel Aviv is not to leave the 'West Bank' in the first place.  

The land around Gaza is sparsely populated, but the land abutting the 'West Bank' is densely-populated It is the Gush Dan Israeli coastal plain which holds 70% of Israel's Jewish population. So, firing a rocket from Judea and Samaria into the Tel Aviv metroplex is like firing a rocket from Brooklyn into Manhattan. It can't miss.

And I repeat, when do the Israelis Jews want to know Obama/Kerry's "Peace Plan" is an Auschwitz  Plan?  Now, or when it is being played out?
Ya'alon's, latest words of truth, (which angered Obama), were a warning not only to Obama, but also to Israel's suicidal left-wing:
“If you sit and wait at home, the terrorism will come again. Even if you hunker down, it will come. This is a war of civilizations. If your image is feebleness, it doesnt pay in the world. Nobody will replace the United States as global policeman. I hope the United States comes to its senses. If it doesnt, it will challenge the world order, and the United States is the one that will suffer.”

Ya'alon's message is clear: if Israelis think that they can project "feebleness," and can cower behind a 1967 Green Line, they are deluding themselves.  The grim reaper of the "War of Civilizations" will surely come for the Israeli Jews crowded into the narrow band that would be Israel.

Now in conclusion, once again, when do you want an Israeli Minister of Defense to warn you that the 1967 Green Line is a new Auschwitz, before, or after the 'West Bank' rockets crash into Tel Aviv?
And why isn't the Prime Minister of Israel speaking the same truth that his Minister of Defense is speaking?
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