"Justice" has been Done
"Justice" has been Done

Aren’t you just delighted? I definitely am. There seems to be no end to the exemplary display of justice. It is simply breathtaking, to

The wheels of "justice" don’t stop grinding
say the least. Though one would expect that honesty would always prevail in the bitter fight against lies and deceit, the mere fact that this truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is being chiseled in stone, time and time again, gives one hope that the world today is finally pulling together with one goal in mind. A universal goal of implementing world-wide standard of morality, equality and justice for all.

Read, learn and ponder.

Remember the boy, Mohammed al-Dura, whose murder by Gaza terrorists was falsely blamed on the IDF? Remember the immediate, worldwide condemnation of Israel? Do you recall how Israel originally apologized for the killing which was later proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to have been a false accusation initiated by news photographers bent on besmirching Israel?

Well! Jamal al-Dura, the father, claimed to have been injured by Israeli soldiers while trying to protect his son. Israeli Doctor Yehuda David told a French newspaper that he, the doctor, had operated on Mr. al-Dura back in 1994 after a previous operation in Gaza failed. The scars on Jamal’s hand, said the doctor, are from that long-ago surgery.

Jamal sued for slander and a French court found the doctor guilty as charged and ordered him to pay $30,000 compensation to Mr. Jamal. "Justice" has been carried out.

And the wheels of "justice" don’t stop grinding.

Only the deaf and blind are ignorant of the ongoing slaughter of civilians being carried out by Syria’s Bashar Assad and his military goons. Day by day the brutality continues and the blood continues to splatter and the body count rises with no end in sight. Police and secret security agents roam the streets in search of protesters who are arrested, beaten and shot. Thousands of refugees are looking to cross the border into Turkey in order to escape the vicious onslaught. And the world seeks to ‘punish’ Syria and bring the Assad regime to justice.

How, you ask? Quite simple. The United Nations Security Council met (not on an emergency basis, mind you. Emergency sessions are reserved for more pressing issues such as the renovations done on a porch in one of Israel’s settlements….but let’s not hurry our analysis) and after ‘shooting the breeze’ the Security Council did not agree to condemn Syria.

In the sweet words of Russia’s representative: “…the situation in Syria is not detrimental to world security….”  The wanton murder of its own citizens does not warrant a condemnation by the organization created to protect a citizen…any citizen, anywhere, who is unjustly persecuted and murdered. Don’t you think?

And the wheels of "justice" don’t stop there. Not only did the Security Council not condemn Syria, it rewarded it by voting to have Syria take its seat on the UN Human Rights Council!  This position will give the Syrian dictator an open forum to continue to spew his hate-filled opinion vis-à-vis Israel’s supposed human-rights violations. Ain’t that just a dandy way to mete out true justice? Are you, dear reader, beginning to understand the depth and beauty of universal "justice"?

But let’s continue a bit to further galvanize our readers with the incredible fairness and equality in the eyes of international law we witness on a daily basis. Namely…. NATO bombing-strikes that killed Qaddahfi’s son, Saif Al-Arab along with three of Qaddafi’s grandchildren. Grandchildren! Saif was twenty-nine-years old. How old were the children?

Justice would dictate an immediate sitting of the Security Council to condemn the ‘disproportionate’ response to Qaddafi’s attacks on his own people. To kill unarmed children?  And….oooooppppsss…let’s track back for a minute. I don’t remember that Qaddafi attacked any citizens of any of the NATO members who are bombing Lybia. I don’t recall how many missiles Qaddafi’s goons lobbed into Sicily or Washington or Paris? I forgot, please remind me, how many NATO school-buses were hit by Qaddafi’s anti-tank rockets. How many innocent school-children were killed or injured?

And I remember how just recently, as rockets from Gaza were falling on Israeli cities and towns, Secretary Gates urged Israel to show restraint and caution in responding. Caution? How cautious is NATO in its bombing runs against Qaddafi? I don’t recall hearing Mr. Gates urging Italy or France to be careful not to hurt innocent civilians.

"Justice" dictates that bombed Israeli cities, murdered little children, slaughtered families are of no consequence to the trend of world "justice". But rumped-up charges, lies, fabrications and twisting of the truth are definitely within the proper range of justice….as long as the one in the defendant’s box is Israel.

And…remember the murder of Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri back in 2005? It’s been six long years of supposed investigation into the murder of Hariri and twenty-one others. Back on January 15th, 2011 the world was told that the anticipated conclusion will be released in a day or two. It’s now three months later and succumbing to intimidation and threats, the investigating commission seemed to have somehow lost the result. "Justice"!

Al-Dura. Goldstone. The supposed massacre in Jenin.  The Mavi Marmara ‘passengers’ presented as all simple activists seeking to open the blockade for the 'starving' people in Gaza and the Israeli soldiers were not provoked.

The list of "equal justice" is very long indeed. %ad%