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"Qatar is one of the agents of the Islamization of Europe and it is absolutely scandalous that we are rolling out the red carpet for it," Eric Zemmour said in September.

The day the war broke out, when Ukrainian President Zelenskyy was on the phone with the Emir of Qatar, everything changed for the small Middle Eastern country. Several senior European Union officials have flown to Doha in recent weeks, all with the exact same message: "We need your gas as fast as possible." According to a Bloomberg survey, Qatar's energy exports have already reached $100 billion this year. A record.

"This will allow it to spend even greater wealth in global equity markets and to pursue its foreign policy goals, primarily through its $450 billion sovereign wealth fund.This is an incredible opportunity," said Karen Young, a researcher at the Middle East Institute in Washington. "Qatar will be one of the most important gas exporters, whose market will be very strong in the years to come".

It's a sensational acceleration for Qatar, which the UAE and allies have been trying to isolate for more than three years, enabling it to finance Islamist groups around the world. "The Sheikh invested in Gaza after Hamas took power and supported the revolution in Syria to overthrow Bashar al-Assad." As Elan Habib of raw materials analysis firm ICIS said, “the invasion of Russia and the uncertainty over gas supply to Europe have changed the game for Qatar.” Right now, the Emir is in Spain to sign contracts with the Sanchez government, says El Pais, and it doesn't matter, as La Razon reveals, that Qatar is financing many of the Salafist mosques in Spain.

"The West's gas rush could enrich and strengthen Qatar," headlined the New York Times. The Biden administration has announced the appointment of Qatar as a "major non-NATO ally", which has meanwhile become the world's largest producer of liquefied gas. The Emir of Qatar in recent days was in Turkey for strategic partnering with Erdogan. The ties between Ankara and Doha date back to the Ottoman period, but today the two regimes share an affinity with Islam that shapes their commitment and interests.

The glue between Turkey and Qatar is the Muslim Brotherhood. The Economist explains how important Qatar is to the sultan: "In 2018, while Turkey was running out of cash, Qatar committed to invest $ 15 billion in the country and accepted a $ 3 billion currency exchange. with the Turkish central bank. As the Turkish bank's dollar reserves continued to decline, Qatar increased the swap agreement to $ 15 billion. In November, with Turkey grappling with another currency crisis, Qatar bought a 10 percent stake in its main stock exchange. It also committed to investing in the development of the port of Istanbul. Business is worth billions of dollars. Qatar is now Turkey's third foreign investor ”.

Qatar has the ninth largest sovereign wealth fund in the world and all the extra income from energy sales flows into it. This fund is used to Islamize the planet. In Germany alone, Qatar has built 140 mosques since 2005.

Wherever there is Islam, behind it is Qatar. Qatar and Saudi Arabia "have lit a time bomb by financing the global spread of radical Islam," denounced General Jonathan Shaw, former British Deputy Chief of Defense.

  • Qatar donated to Gaza, Islamic organizations in India, Afghanistan and in Syria Qatar supported Al Nusra.
  • Who paid 35,000 euros a month for Tariq Ramadan, the preacher of the French suburbs? Qatar.
  • Where does Yusuf al Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who want to "conquer Rome" live? In Qatar.
  • Where does Khaled Meshaal, the head of Hamas, live? In Qatar.
  • Where did the Taliban leaders live for twenty years? In Qatar.

A Great Mosque has just been inaugurated by Qatar in Slovenia, same as the Great Mosque of Massy, ​​in France, recently open to the public, financed by Qatar. It is the "first ecological mosque in Europe". Because the emirs are smart and they understand that it is enough to evoke the green to open the doors of Europe.

Saïda Keller-Messahli, president of the Forum for a Progressive Islam and who supported the referendum against the burqa in Switzerland, says the situation in her country is "alarming". "Huge sums of money from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Turkey are flowing into Switzerland." The Great Mosque of Copenhagen received a donation of 30 million euros from the Emir of Qatar.

Would this be Europe's new strategic partner?

  • The largest mosque in Malmö, Sweden? “A gift from Qatar”.
  • The largest mosque in Somalia? “A gift from Qatar”.
  • The largest mosque in Ireland? “A gift from Qatar”.
  • The largest mosque in Kosovo? “A gift from Qatar”.

But also Africa. Qatar's minister for Islamic affairs in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, has built the largest Quran printing house on the entire African continent, Al-Sharq reported. What is it for? To Islamize countries where the shock of civilization is on the agenda. Mondafrique says that Qatar is at the origin of the Islamization of Africa and that it would take place under the cover of humanitarian aid. In 2013, 722 humanitarian missions left Qatar for Burkina Faso

"And strengthened by this unexpected boon, Qatarian NGOs have dedicated themselves to sowing the seeds of radical Islam. Preachers have come from Qatar and Pakistan, Koranic schools have been created and charity centers have been established. Humanitarian actions serve as a Trojan horse for radical Islam ".

"Trojan Horse" is also the name of the investigation given in England to the infiltration of Islamic extremists in British schools.

The war in Ukraine is the past. This is the future!