Bennett and Gates
Bennett and GatesHaim Zach/GPO

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on Tuesday commented on his meeting with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, which took place at the United Nations COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

“Great to see Naftali Bennett’s commitment alongside global leaders present at the COP26 today,” Gates tweeted.

“The world needs bold action to support the development of new technology to slow emissions and help the world adapt to the changing climate,” he added.

The Prime Minister’s Office said that Bennett and Gates had discussed the importance of recruiting the business sector in general, and the high-tech sector in particular, in the global fight against the climate crisis. The Prime Minister said that he would act to remove impediments in Israel in this area.

The Prime Minister noted that Israel is working toward regional cooperation with its neighbors in the energy and water fields. He said whereas the countries of the region had much land but a shortage of water, Israel, which is a very small country, had the ability to generate energy that produces water.

Bennett said at the start of the meeting: "Israel is known as the startup nation and I think it's time that we channel our national energy, which is the energy of the people, and the brainpower, to fighting climate change."

Energy Minister Karine Elharrar, who also took part in the meeting, said that she was pleased for the opportunity to participate in the meeting with the entrepreneur who established one of the most important funds in the world that invests in energy.

She noted that as someone who believes that innovation, alongside green energy and increased efficiency, is one of the main tools in the fight against climate change, she learned much from the meeting about the way in which Israel could advance Israeli companies in the energy sector.