Yinon Menachem
Yinon Menachemצילום: IDU Search and Rescue department

The Israel Dog Unit, a nonprofit specializing in locating missing persons, is today beginning the second week of uninterrupted efforts to locate a man missing in the Rosh HaAyin area. Yinon Menachem, 52, disappeared on October 16, 2121.

Search efforts have ranged both throughout the city of Rosh HaAyin and into the fields surrounding it, including areas of heavy brush and active industrial quarries nearby. Searchers have used UAVs, horses, bicycles, ATVs, and the IDU’s eponymous working dogs to clear areas in and around the city. Scores of hours were spent reviewing security camera footage gathered from around Rosh HaAyin in the hopes of finding a lead.

Rosh HaAyin's proximity to the Samaria and Binyamin regions has raised concerns about possible terrorist involvement in Yinon's disappearance. Israel Police officers and helicopters and the IDF’s Oketz K9 unit have been dispatched to assist in the search.

Menachem is considered in mortal danger, and anyone with knowledge of his whereabouts is asked to contact police at 100 or the IDU’s search and rescue hotline at 0544876709.