President Herzog at ceremony marking arrival of  Sa’ar 6 “Atzmaut” ship
President Herzog at ceremony marking arrival of Sa’ar 6 “Atzmaut” ship Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

The Sa’ar 6 “Atzmaut” ship arrived in Israel on Tuesday. The ship docked at the Haifa Naval Base after a two-week voyage from Germany.

The ceremony to mark the ship's arrival from Germany took place in the presence of the President of Israel, Isaac Herzog, and the Commanding Officer of the Israeli Navy, Vice Admiral Eli Sharvit.

The ceremony was attended by the team of sailors who returned to Israel with the “Atzmaut” after their long stay in Germany.

The "Atzmaut" is the third of the four Sa’ar 6 Corvette ships that will join the Israeli Navy. Its arrival is a significant milestone in strengthening the resilience of the State of Israel. The Sa'ar 6 corvette fleet will be both central to the IDF’s naval defensive wall, as well as a key pillar in the maritime protection of Israeli waters, economic assets and energy resources at sea.

In the coming months, the "Atzmaut" will undergo the installation process of additional combat systems in the Haifa port. Upon completion of the installation process, the “Atzmaut” will enter full operational service.

President Herzog said, "In recent weeks, we witnessed Iran's attempt to attack Israel through the naval arena. This is not just an Israeli matter. The whole world has seen the results of Iran's aggression against innocent civilians. Just last weekend we saw the aggression of Iran and its affiliates on the northern border. If anyone in Lebanon thinks they can threaten us - they are making a bitter mistake. We have excellent security forces and a strong IDF. We will not agree to the reality of living under fire. Whoever tries to harm us anywhere, in near or far arenas, directly or indirectly, will feel our strength and our power."

Commanding Officer of the Israeli Navy, Vice Admiral Eli Sharvit, said, “The Sa’ar 6 ‘Atzmaut’ entered the gates of the Haifa port today. The 'Atzmaut', like the rest of the Sa’ar 6 fleet, expresses the power of the Israeli Navy and significantly contributes to the security of the State of Israel. This is a day of celebration and pride for us, a day we receive a great responsibility on our shoulders, and I am confident we will rise to meet the expectations.”

Ceremony marking arrival of the Sa’ar 6 "Atzmaut" to Israel Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit
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