Sheikh Jarrah
Sheikh JarrahTene Samuel

Chaim Silberstein, the director of Keep Jerusalem, a nonprofit organization that works to promote Jerusalem's unity and Jewish majority, says that the Supreme Court's proposed compromise allowing the Palestinian residents of several contested buildings in the Shimon Hatzadik neighborhood is a failure of the justice system.

"The compromise that was suggested at the Supreme Court hearing today is not really a compromise," Silberstein said in a statement. "It is a capitulation of the respected legal system in Israel, at the highest level, to political and ideological pressure from the extreme left. It is a sad day when the rule of law, which is judiciously applied against Jews when their eviction is required by the liberal elites, is trampled on by our own elite judges."

"This happens at a time when law and morality scream for justice against squatters who build illegally and defiantly refuse to pay rent despite generous offers of compromise from the legal Jewish owners. The just and correct result of this court case should be the immediate eviction of illegal squatters from properties they have withheld from their rightful owners for decades," he adds.

The proposed compromise would grant one member of each family lifetime protected tenancy on the property in exchange for annual payments of NIS 1,500, making them immune to eviction save for a short list of acceptable grounds for eviction defined by law.