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Trigger, the South African security tech startup, has launched an on-demand national emergency services response app. The app provides real-time access to a network of 220 independent armed responses, roadside assistance operators, legal advice, paramedics, and trauma counseling services.

The new and creative app seeks to provide a solution to the rising demand for easy access to reliable and speedy emergency service response assistance.

The CEO of Trigger, Morné Kruger, spoke more in-depth about the team’s goals.

“Our aim with Trigger is not just to provide easy access to a smart affordable platform that gives subscribers a choice of emergency services all in one place, but also, in the long term, to enable a shift in behavior. We want to facilitate a state of wellbeing and freedom to live life with confidence – wherever and whenever – knowing that if needed, assistance is available and can be expedited as quickly as possible.”

Trigger’s new app will launch in 2021. The app uses eHailing technology for some of its services. The app found life from the need to create an affordable and accessible platform to assist locals in need of help with a wide range of emergency or security service providers.

Trigger removes the middle-man system of call centers by providing each response partner with an onboard response device—this method allows Trigger to provide machine-to-machine dispatch service.

App Features:

  • The closest, armed response vehicle and other emergency services are provided to users.

  • An accurate location of the user in distress is provided to response teams.

  • When a distress call is activated, the profile and key information of a user are shared securely with the response service.

For children, cyclists, and hikers a lightweight and portable panic button is available from the service—a simple press of the button activates the service and notifies an armed response to the user’s exact GPS-logged location. Locations and communications between users and response services are encrypted.

Trigger stated that the device has a two-year battery life and regularly sends out a reminder message to the subscriber to check their devices when the battery needs to be reviewed.

The service can also be accessed through smartphones or smart-wearable devices. The app is subscription-based—with monthly or yearly plans--and available through the Trigger website and on both Android and iOS.

The service currently has four pricing models for its plans.

  • Panic Individual: R39/month incl VAT

  • Panic family of 4: R109/month incl VAT

  • Platinum Individual: R99/month incl VAT

  • Platinum Family of 4: R299/month incl VAT

Trigger wants to provide a service that can be helpful to everyone. Subscribers can request assistance for a friend, even if they are not members of the service. There are only a limited number of free callouts available per user per year.

Trigger has announced plans to launch an additional ultra-smart sensor alert device later this year, a story that will likely gain traction on various press release distribution services.

“We also see our platform integrating into the smart home environment and an extended range of smart wearables (watches, clothing, etc.) in the not-too-distant future, along with a host of complementary services that will make it easier for everyone to be empowered when it comes to accessing tools that can enhance their lives,” said Kruger.