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A UK sociology professor at the University of Bristol who targeted Jewish students with offensive comments and claims of being “pawns of a racist regime” and who is currently under investigation for alleged anti-Semitism received over half a million dollars in government money to fund his research.

According to the New Statesman, the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) government office that funds academic research provided lecturer David Miller and his co-authors with £401,552 ($553,087 USD) for research to take place over three years.

Miller is currently under investigation by the University of Bristol after numerous controversial comments aimed at Jewish students, reported BBC News.

According to UK media reports, statements included accusing Jewish Society members of being “pawns of a racist regime engaged in ethnic cleansing” and being quoted at a February online conference saying, “It’s a question of how we defeat the ideology of Zionism in practice. How do we make sure Zionism is ended essentially. There’s no other way of saying that.”

Miller also accused Israel of wanting to "impose (its) will all over the world," reported the Jewish Chronicle.

An investigation by the New Statesman into research Miler released during the three year period found a 2016 paper titled “The Israel Lobby and the European Union” that accused Israeli “lobby groups” of coercing politicians into taking pro-Israel positions. A 2013 paper titled “The Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre: Giving peace a chance?” featured a map of the “British Zionist scene” that alleged secret links between the Israel government, Zionist organizations and the main UK political parties.

In a 2015 openDemocracy article making use of his research, Miller and his co-authors included the “Zionist movement” as one of “five pillars of Islamophobia.”

Miller also reportedly used parts of his research in the classes he taught at the university.