Arutz Sheva spoke with Omri Glickman, lead singer "The Warrior's Anthem," about the song, what it means to him, and how it came to be.

"This is actually just showing respect, and saluting our combat soldiers," Glickman said, adding that was made in cooperation with the IDF.

He said that the songs sung by soldiers on the field: "Just mix it up and make some original song that every combat soldier can identify with. And we made it combat answer."

The songs, he said, "are very powerful."

"I got approximately fifty demos of those songs and you can see in those short movies that all the soldiers are singing together, excited, shouting their voices, very energetic, very motivated, and it moved me a lot. It's very exciting to see live."

Reactions to "The Warrior's Anthem," Glickman said, were "crazy. From everywhere, from soldiers to non-soldiers, lots of combat units that feel left out, that wanted to be also in that song, but everybody can connect with it."

All of the soldiers in the clip are real combat soldiers, he noted. "It's all authentic, all real. In the shooting of the video there were 150 combat soldiers."