Rabbi Amichai Eliyahu
Rabbi Amichai Eliyahu Dror Sitahkel

I got vaccinated. I'm in favor of vaccines. Not because I am one hundred percent sure that they are good, but because I know that the medical people in the country want what's best for us, and I choose to believe in the chance that they are good.

That's why I'm glad that there are people in Israel who challenge the system - on every issue. All the more so regarding the current medical issue, informed by our brief history that no one has a monopoly on wisdom. External criticism is essential because it challenges the government and the health care system and causes them to focus the work and check themselves 1000 times.

Silence is a bad thing - whether it comes to rabbis / doctors / scientists and even manipulators or anarchists ... This is the great blessing of freedom of expression. This is the beauty in a world where in order to explain something that is important to you, you have to make a great effort to understand the subject better. To deal with to-the-point claims and with lies and manipulations.

If you understood it well, you will be able to explain it well. If you did not understand it well enough - you will fail, such that in practice you have no choice but to be better. The option of using authority and power against those who do not think like you is very dangerous and reminiscent of propaganda methods that were common in regimes popular at the beginning of the last century.

As I understand it - the principle of freedom of expression includes several parts.

A. The necessity of dealing with someone who disagrees with you creates a need to be precise in your activities and explanation abilities.

B. The use of power corrupts, and produces shortcuts in cases where it was also right to listen. (When the state was established, we vaccinated against ringworm - only years later was it discovered that the vaccine was cancerous).

C. Almost every person who promotes a particular policy thinks that everyone else is endangering the public. (See the Bar Lev Line).

D. Silencing creates rebellion and a feeling that someone is trying to hide something.

E. When you allow the state authorities to silence, you put a dangerous tool in the authority's hands, a weapon that today is aimed at those who are convenient for you to silence - it's just that tomorrow it can be aimed at you.

F. Silencing proceeds from the premise that the public is stupid and unable to understand things on their own. I'm not sure this theory is correct but also assuming it is correct - it relinquishes the necessity to push the public to educate itself and to observe.

And the list goes on.

I know quite a few journalists who talk nonsense and produce lies and manipulations that endanger human lives. In any subject you just put your finger on - Oslo, Gush Katif, coronavirus (Orly and Guy? Professor Lass? Abramovich) and more.

I do not know anyone working to remove them from the internet.

Some say the settlers are manipulators who endanger human lives - their lives, those of their children, of IDF soldiers, Arabs and more. Today it is the silencing of Rabbi Asherov / Orly and Guy, tomorrow it will be the silencing of things that someone else believes in.

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