Ahuvya Sandak
Ahuvya Sandak picture used with permission of family

MK Bezalel Smotrich sent an urgent appeal to the head of Department of Investigations (DIP), Attorney Keren Bar Menachem, demanding to meet with her along with a representative of the Sandak family, in light of the suspicions that the investigation into the killing of Ahuvya Sandak is not being properly conducted.

In the letter, which was described as "urgent," MK Smotrich noted that "solid and reliable information that reached me indicates that the police officers suspected of the murder have not yet been questioned under caution. Moreover, the police are moving around freely and are even continuing their work at this time."

He said, "It cannot be that there are suspects in such a serious case whose identity is known to the investigating unit - and every moment they are out of custody has tremendous potential for disrupting the investigation - that they roam free for three days or more after the incident."

Smotrich added: "I myself experienced the police attempt at the scene of the incident to keep everyone away, including me as a Member of Knesset with immunity, in what appeared to be an attempt to obscure the clear evidence in the arena that the officers vehicle deliberately hit the boys' vehicle.".

"There is a grave concern that the suspects among the police and their friends have taken advantage of the last few days to conceal evidence and disrupt the investigation, a fear that unfortunately you do not seem to share," Smotrich claimed. "Friends of Ahuvya detained by the police are currently being questioned by the Tel Aviv Police Department in recent days regarding the circumstances of their friend's death - which is contrary to procedures and common sense that requires the removal of the police from investigating the circumstances of the death of a man when they are suspected of causing his death."

"All this and more raises suspicion, and even more so, that the investigation is being conducted sloppily inadvertently or, God forbid, intentionally," Smotrich accused. "I would like to thank you for your urgent response," he concluded.

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