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ECOM College has signed an historic agreement with the University of Los Angeles. The agreement includes: Obtaining the franchise’s right for holding courses in marketing, high-tech and business administration, as well as joint creation of new courses, and making use of the college's unique operational model that is currently in the process of becoming a global patent. Students from Israel and world will receive an official certificate from the American University.

ECOM College, raised the banner of changing the way digital its trademark to change the way digital and high-tech professions are being taught in Israel and around the world - is taking another step on the road to success and achieving its goal. Official courses that were taught exclusively by the prestigious university which promotes digital oriented subjects within the academy - will now be taught also in Israel. Upon graduation, students at ECOM College will receive an official graduation certificate from the University of California, Los Angeles.

The college which is approved as a learning program by the Ministry of Education in Israel, is currently taking part in a joint development process with the American University for new and unique courses that have not yet been approved in the Hebrew language. The courses will deal with current and near-future professions; professions that are becoming more dominant within the labor market. Capital market analysis, cyber studies, Artificial Intelligence, QA, cryptocurrencies (virtual currency), business administration, mediation, arbitration, property appraisals, multi-talent and others. All of these professions and more, are expected to take part in the new curriculum developed by the two academic institutions. In addition, ECOM's unique digital operational model will become an integral part of the university.

On vacation, in the office or at home - that's the name of the game!

"Comfort and professionalism" are the two main terms which are setting the ground roles in the new world of academia and ECOM college understood it well. In the past, these two terms would clash: Educational institutions which were too "comfortable", in terms of curriculum hours and medium qualification levels of education – ended up having graduating students which were neither professional nor ready enough for the jobs’ market (or labor market). In contrast, universities which had too high of a standard for the learning requirements and were indifferent to making the learning experience accessible and comfortable for the students - made it difficult for students to learn for no good reason and turned the learning experience to be undesirable.

ECOM College has found a solution: A social network that makes the learning experience easy, fun and social while keeping high the professional requirements and the level of academic material. Students can share with each other the material being taught and also consult, help, summarize and debate, all through the college's social network. Whether physically in college or when you return home - each student can do it on his own time and his own pace.

The idea is implemented in the US

The social media model is also implemented in an agreement with the University of California Los Angeles, which expressed great interest in the patented idea and decided to collaborate with the college, in order to improve the level of education among American and Israeli students. From now on, students in California and Israel will be able to learn through the social network and get used to a better and more effective learning experience.

At a later stage, ECOM College is expected to open its first franchise in Los Angeles as another step in the way to implementing the patent and the latest courses which are currently developed across the United States and around the world. The courses, which are still in the development stages, will be marketed under the brand of ECOM College - Business. They will in fact be the most prestigious courses that the college will offer, both in live stream and as digital courses.

Creating new courses together with a prestigious university from abroad and using the patent of ECOM’s social-academic network, symbolize another step in the way to a significant change in the world of academia in Israel. A change that is expected to change the content of Internet learning to be more practical for the labor market and the way of studying – to be comfortable and more enjoyable.

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