A pleasant surprise
A pleasant surpriseצילום: יחצ

Have you ever had a courier arrive with a delivery that you did not order but is addressed to you? This is exactly what happened to the children of the "Tzeva" Elazarki children's home in Netanya this week when DHL couriers arrived at the children's home and handed them bags full of gifts.

The recent period has been difficult for the children in the orphanage of the Emunah movement. They have been forced to maintain social distance with their peers in the orphanage, to eat in capsules, and were even forced to move into different apartments at times when they entered isolation and quarantine.

Now, the new challenge is learning for older students in Zoom when not every child has a computer or most of the technological tools for meaningful learning.

This week, without any prior notice, there was a knock on the door of the children's home. When the door was opened, standing there were couriers from the DHL courier company. Usually the children are used to seeing the deliverymen as they volunteer to move packages from the children's home to all parts of the country. This time it was they who came with packages in their hands that were addressed to the children.

The deliverymen distributed ten bags to the children, and each bag contained: a laptop, a mouse, a mouse pad, wireless headphones, and a personal reusable bottle.

Such a delivery would have made the children very happy at any time, but these days when most of the learning is conducted on Zoom through a computer, when the headphones are necessary for the best learning and not to disturb the children around them, the excitement was even greater.