Israeli Ambassador to The Hague, Naor Gilon (left) with the President of the Dutch Senate
Israeli Ambassador to The Hague, Naor Gilon (left) with the President of the Dutch SenateIsraeli Embassy, Hague

The Dutch Senate (which serves as the upper house of parliament) today voted in favor of a decision by the Dutch government to take an active position in the UN against countries that attack Israel disproportionately.

The decision calls on the government to vote against UN resolutions relating to the area of ​​the Al-Aqsa Mosque only with its Muslim name without reference to the Temple Mount. The Senate called on the government to encourage more European countries to take the same steps.

This is a declaratory decision initiated by the Christian SGP party, which in the past passed a resolution in the lower house of the Dutch parliament against discrimination against Israel at the UN.

Despite the declarative nature of the decision, the Dutch government does not completely ignore such decisions because queries from MPs often come up after votes that are inconsistent with the decisions.

The Israeli Ambassador to The Hague Naor Gilon said in response: "I welcome the Dutch Senate's decision to combat the continuing discrimination against Israel at the UN and thank the senators who led the important decision indicating the special relationship between the Dutch people and Israel. This is a clear message against attempts by various parties to erase the Jewish People's more than 3,000-year-old historical connection to Jerusalem."