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An anti-Semitic incident occurred at one of the most well known beauty salons in Kiev, Ukraine.

Julia Liebschitz, a regular client of the De Ladno Institute for many years, wanted to schedule a routine beauty treatment. She left a message for the business and asked them to get back to her to make an appointment.

A few minutes later, she received a voice message to her phone, which was not addressed to her but to the salon manager. A shift manager at the business asked his boss not to make an appointment for the woman and even put her on the blacklist. "Client Julia is Jewish. It is better that she does not receive treatment from us. Do not list it anywhere, of course," the manager said in a statement.

The management of the beauty salon issued an apology in which it described the event as 'shocking'. The blame was laid on the shift manager. "He is new to his job and did not understand the magnitude of the responsibility placed on him," the response stated.

The beauty salon said that they tried to contact the Jewish client, apologize to her and offer her compensation.

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