The College of Law & Business in Ramat Gan
The College of Law & Business in Ramat Ganצילום: The College of Law & Business in Ramat Gan

Picking the right place to study towards your bachelor’s degree in Law or Business Managements is a big decision for your future career.

Some of the things to consider, think about the prestige of the institution, the faculty, the curriculum and the uniqueness of the program and the overall academic and social experience it offers, to mention only a few. In the context of the current Covid-19 pandemic, its important to consider a college that can facilitate a hybrid approach for online studies as well as on-site classes.

Juan, a former student, writes to us: “I feel very privileged to have studied at such a well-known reputed college that provides an outstanding personal service to their students. One of the things that I liked most about studying at CLB was the direct personal relationship that I had with my professors who were always there willing to help us grow personally and academically. The main reason why I chose CLB is because of the great importance that they place at being an academic institution with such a global vision.”

The College of Law & Business in Ramat Gan ticks off all of these boxes and offers an opportunity to study in a diverse and multi-national environment, with bi-lingual faculty and curriculum and a diverse body of students that will allow you to gain your bachelor’s degree while feeling at home.

An International Experience with an Israeli Flare

The College of Law & Business in Ramat Gan is situated in the center of Israel. We aim to offer the best opportunities for our students in order for you to achieve your career goals. we understand the value of global knowledge and experience in the fields of business management and law, so we built a unique variety of international programs.

The students gain professional experience in their studies that will bring them to the global forefront of their field.

Daniel, a former student tells about his experience learning in Israel: “During my time in Israel (4 months) I visited Jerusalem, Akko, Haifa, Eilat, Nazareth, Tiberias, the Dead Sea and many other places/cities. All in all, I can say that Israel is an open and multicultural country with a noticeable joy of live (especially in Tel Aviv, the place where I was living). The people are very friendly and take an interest about other people who are visiting the country. I was impressed with the digital innovation in the country. Almost everything is connected with the digital world. That makes for example travelling easier as in other countries. Within the middle east countries, I would describe Israel as a unique country.”

Do you have a passion for discovering new cultures and languages The College of Law & Business (CLB) offers its students the best opportunities to develop the skills most needed in today’s changing world, with a focus on gaining and utilizing global knowledge and experience in the fields of business management and law?

CLB offers a variety of international programs that are unique in the academic world, designed to prepare students to practice professionally both in Israel and globally. CLB strives for academic and professional excellence as well as establishing an international network of professional connections and personal relations with top ranking professionals in their fields and the students. Enjoy the warm vibe the sunny climate Israel is known for, as well as being in the heart of the social, cultural, and professional heart of the country. All this allows you to acquire top quality education while both experiencing the ultimate Israeli experience and building a global future.

But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what Benjy said about our Business Program: “CLB’s Business program offers high quality business training in the classroom, and endless opportunities to work and consult for companies in the Ramat Gan Start-Up incubator, down the block from school. In under 4 years in the dual degree track, one leaves with two degrees and endless opportunities in the international and Israeli workforce for 1/10th of what it costs for equivalent degrees in the United States.”

Looking to enhance our students’ appreciation of the importance of integrating into the international and global market, and their skills to compete, CLB launched a variety of special programs in business management and in law including a unique dual degree in Law and Business management taught partly or entirely in English. The Degree in Business management is taught in its entirety in English while First year Law studies are taught in English and the next two years are taught in Hebrew. These programs provide our students not only with powerful tools that would open doors for them, but also an opportunity of a lifetime to polish their professional skills to perfection, crucial for opportunities to reach senior positions.

Study in Israel and Enter the Workforce Within 3-4 years in Israel or in the United States

The degrees offered at CLB are fully recognized by institutions and governments around the world, and thus qualify students to practice both in and outside of Israel after their graduation. For example, our LL.B (Bachelors of Law) degree features courses in Judicial Hebrew language alongside others preparing and qualifying students to take the New York State bar exam. Moreover, third-year law students may be eligible to acquire a fast-track LL.M (Master of Law) degree from Chicago-Kent College of Law or Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University.

This is a 3.5-years program, through which students gain both an advanced graduate degree and countless international opportunities. The evident advantage of these degrees is that successful graduates can join the workforce in highly desired fields within a short period of 3-4 years and put their top-quality education to practice sooner than most.

CLB has developed a multi-national meeting point on campus and beyond, through which students’ experience is significantly enriched. Through strong cross-national connections and cooperation formed by CLB and its faculty, our students gain a better understanding of the global ecosystem of their fields. Furthermore, these connections inspire students to appreciate and leverage diversity, and to contribute to a more tolerant and open-minded society.

Those of you interested in business degrees should also consider that studying in Israel, the world-renowned Startup Nation – will provide you with unparalleled advantages. Israel’s high-tech community is rich and continuously thriving, and accordingly our Business Management school offers the most cutting edge and applicable curriculum and a hands-on experience with multimillion conglomerates.

Excellence and Inspiration

CLB’s faculty demonstrates the centrality of international studies in our academic concept and vision. Our professors are leaders in their respective fields, and all have acquired their advanced academic degrees in some of the best universities around the world. They are thus fully integrated and highly respected in the international academic arena and utilize this experience to assist their students with the often-overwhelming requirements of the international academic world. They facilitate students’ engagement in innovative and meaningful International academic research, publication of articles and global conferences.

Choose your Path

CLB offers many prestigious and beneficial academic tracks as part of our curriculum. Our B.A. in Business Administration program offers students to specialize in marketing, funding, entrepreneurship and accounting. During your studies CLB offers students the option to participate in study tours to China and India, and other short-term programs worldwide. CLB offers students-exchange programs in Europe, Asia and the U.S., creating a truly global-oriented educational experience and international networking.

Our programs provide students with access to professional and highly enriching short-term courses in the fields of law and business management, in collaboration with ivy-league and other prestigious institutions around the world, such as Harvard - United States, Oxford – United Kingdom, Kassel University in Germany and many others. In addition, our students gain access to opportunities such as the International Arbitration competitions in Vienna, Blockchain prospects and more. For our students, the sky is the limit! During the period where travel is limited, we are striving to create these connections through virtual platforms to maintain the global approach that we pride ourselves in.

For students coming from South Africa we have a unique partnership with Telfed which helps address the financial reality existing in South Africa.

Learning online – a Hybrid Program for All

Last but not least, as CLB long recognized the quickly increasing need for remote studying, significantly enhanced by Covid-19, we are currently offer a fully integrated learning experience, combining online classes as well as studies in the classroom according to the restrictions of the Health Ministry of Israel. Even more, we offer an option for those who prefer to take their entire program online, while still enjoying campus advantages: student forums, direct contact with professors and interactive lectures.