Abused sad man
Abused sad man iStock

East Yorkshire, England, has seen a 104% rise in the number of domestic abuse cases in which a woman abuses a man, Hulllive reported.

Last year, 4,000 men in Hull and East Yorkshire were victims of domestic abuse, and it is likely that more cases went unreported.

An additional rise is expected due to the coronavirus outbreak, during which abuse victims were forced to remain at home with their abusive female partners.

Unlike of women, abused men often do not have shelters available if their physical well-being is in danger.

In Israel, the Welfare Ministry reported 1,005 cases of domestic abuse over the past week alone. However, according to the Fathers For Justice organization, Israel's Welfare Ministry does not provide sufficient aid for abused men.

"Unfortunately, the Welfare Ministry and other Israeli authorities cooperate with the discrimination, cover-up, and incitement against men, and ignore the harm done to them," the organization said.

"In England, on the other hand....the media covers men who fall victims to domestic abuse instead of hiding it. In Israel, thanks to the women's organizations and spinless politicians, men continue to be suffer," it stated.