Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral
Notre Dame de Paris CathedralReuters

The French court sentenced five Muslim women to lengthy prison sentences for attempting to blow up the Notre Dame cathedral.

The women, all converts to Islam, plotted to detonate a car bomb outside the cathedral in September 2016.

A Peugeot 607 was parked near Notre Dame in Paris. The car's license plates had been removed and the lights were flashing. Police called to the scene found fuel tanks, diesel tanks and cigarette butts that were supposed to ignite the fuel tanks and cause the car to explode and damage the famous church.

According to French police investigators, "the attempted attack would have been successful if the women had chosen the right type of fuel."

After a brief investigation, 22-year-old Ennis Madani was arrested in a Paris apartment along with two other women out of the five suspects. They tried to resist arrest and stabbed the police who came to arrest them. The suspects later confessed to attempting to destroy the cathedral.

The French court on Tuesday handed down sentences ranging from five to 30 years in prison for the terrorists.