Female soldiers (illustrative)
Female soldiers (illustrative)Flash 90

Female combat soldiers serving in mixed units in the IDF may be permanently exempted from reserve duty after they complete their mandatory service, under a new plan being considered by the Israeli military.

According to a report Sunday by Channel 12, the IDF is currently considering a plan to end reserve duty for female combat soldiers who served in mixed units, like the Caracal Battalion. Up until now, such soldiers have been called up for reserve service just like their male counterparts.

“Recently, the Manpower Directorate has been working on a plan now under consideration in connection with the issue of integrating female combat soldiers from light infantry units in the IDF,” an internal IDF Manpower Directorate document reads.

An IDF spokesperson responded to the report in a statement, saying that “Hundreds of female combat soldiers serve in the IDF in various capacities, and female soldiers who spent their mandatory service in artillery units, the Combat Intelligence Collection Corps, and the ‘Oketz’ special forces unit will continue to be called up for reserve duty to serve in their units after their mandatory service. Female and male combat soldiers from light infantry units will be transferred to an emergency combat reserve after their mandatory service, and will be called up for missions based on operational needs.”