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Two Qibiya residents were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the seven-year-old rape case that made headlines last June. Qibiya is directly north of Modi'in and is situated in Binyamin.

These are the first detainees since the indictment against Mahmoud Katusa at the end of June. It is as yet unclear whether the suspicion against the two is that they committed the rape, nor has the nature of the evidence against them been made public.

As part of the earlier investigation, Mahmoud Katusa who worked in the educational institution where the girl studied was arrested.

The suspicions against him were based on information obtained during the investigation, but after he was indicted, the evidence gathered was found to be unsound.

About a week after the indictment was filed, and after the case was moved to the Shai District Central Police Unit, the Head Military Prosecutor decided to withdraw the indictment filed against Katusa and he was released from custody.