Knesset vote (illustration)
Knesset vote (illustration)Hadas Parush/Flash90

The 21st Knesset may have only been sworn in yesterday, but 900 bills have already been submitted to the Knesset secretariat.

The legislative blitz began at 4:01 PM yesterday when the Knesset Secretariat opened and the bills began to flow. It should be noted that this is mainly a cycle of bills from the previous Knesset that did not pass through three readings and were submitted again to advance them.

Some of the bills were authored by the person submitting the proposals, most of them by Knesset members who remained outside the Knesset during the current term and were 'captured' by veteran Knesset members who recognized the value of the legislation in the Knesset.

For example, MK Elharar submitted 73 bills, MK Mickey Levy submitted 70 bills, and MK Uri Maklev submitted 100 bills submitted to the Knesset secretariat.

Last Monday, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein addressed the issue of legislation in the Knesset and asked the MKs to moderate the amount of legislation submitted.

"In the outgoing Knesset, 5977 bills were placed on the Knesset's table, but only 4 percent of them were put into the law book after they passed all the readings," he said.

He said: "I do not come here with an emotional call here not to legislate - legislate, but look at the full picture, look at whether this is something that has feasibility and whether it justifies all the resources and money wasted on the taxpayer. A law that has a chance to advance.