Hotovely Flash 90

Final results have not yet arrived, but it appears Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely has made significant progress on the Likud list.

In an interview with Ayala Hasson in 103 FM, Hotovely thanked her supporters and also attacked a Benny Gantz interview with Yediot Ahronot.

"I thank the party members and everyone who voted for me said yes to ideology and values. Thanks to my staff for not sleeping and all their enlistment. I was in very close contact with the branches and the area; during the previous term I couldn't do so because I got married and had children. We made sure to keep in touch with people. Beyond the achievements in the Foreign Ministry, there was a real combination of personal appreciation and political work. Thanks again to everyone."

What place do you currently hold?

"At the moment, the 12th is very respectable. I'm still counting the votes, but what really matters is that the Likud believed in my path and in the people of values ​​in my faction."

Do you congratulate Gideon Sa'ar on the high place?

"I think he deserves it, he was an excellent minister, the first five are excellent people."

Are you happy that Oren Hazan isn't on the list?

"Oren was more of a gimmick than action, and I'm glad our movement is impressed by action and not the gimmicks."

Yuli Edelstein, who went head-to-head with the Prime Minister, was promoted.

"This is a worthy decision: Yuli is a friend and represents the beauty of the movement."

Did Netanyahu deviate from statesmanship when he expressed himself in an insidious manner towards Gideon Sa'ar?

"The Prime Minister has the right to say who he trusts and who he doesn't. I personally think it's important to broadcast unity in the movement; we're embarking on a difficult battle, the real elections are April 9."

Have you seen the quotes from Gantz?

"I managed to see and to attack. I thought about what he said on the disengagement, coming from the party that said it wouldn't support unilateral moves yet on the other hand is willing to evacuate settlements. He made an internal division within Judea and Samaria. It's pretty clear to everyone that Ganz is Lapid in uniform. He returned to the old patterns of the Labor Party, of blessed memory.

"I think what happened to this party is a complete crash in values. The Left today is looking for messiahs in the form of people while their mistake is in their path. There's no belief in their path. There'll be a hard battle for the Likud in the election campaign. A rightist will vote for the Likud," said Hotovely.

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