stabbing survivor Aharon Heller
stabbing survivor Aharon HellerZvi Sukkot

Aharon Heller, who was wounded Tuesday afternoon in the stabbing attack near the community of Har Gilo, spoke about the harrowing experience he underwent.

"I stopped in a shop near Har Gilo to buy a drink," Heller recalled. "When I left the store, a terrorist was waiting for me to get into the car and he started to stab me with a knife in the face, grabbed me by the left hand and started stabbing me."

"He tried to follow me into the store but he did not succeed, I threw things at him and ran inside, and I closed myself inside the store," Heller said.

At this point Heller contacted the police and tried to explain what had happened and his location. "I also called my family and told them that I had a great miracle and that I was alive."

Heller does not understand the claims that the attack was a criminal incident, "I can not understand what they are thinking, I do not know the place, I just passed through, it's not someone who knows me, he did not try anything, he just tried to kill me."

Right-wing activist Zvi Sukkot, Heller's nephew, said that "despite the shocking documentation of the defense establishment, it took a few hours to issue a statement that this was apparently a very outrageous terrorist attack. It was an open miracle, but there is no deterrence."