MK Menachem Eliezer Moses
MK Menachem Eliezer MosesHillel Maeir/TPS

Last Friday was the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the "Night of Broken Glass", where Jewish houses of worship, stores and homes were ransacked and civilians attacked by mobs in Germany. Worshipers of the Sukkat Shaul Synagogue in Ramat Hasharon called police after finding a pig's head at the entrance.

On Wednesday, the chairman of the United Torah Judaism faction and Knesset Member Menachem Eliezer Moses raised a motion for the agenda to discuss the incident.

"Members of the Knesset," he said. "I want to bring up the terrible crime of what happened in Ramat Hasharon. Exactly 80 years since the terrible Kristallnacht, a crime has been committed, when the head of another thing dripping with blood was placed on the doors of the Sukkat Shaul Synagogue in Ramat Hasharon. As you know, according to Jewish tradition we do not even mention the word 'pig', but 'something else' in quotation marks. It is to that extent that it is such a foul thing to the Jewish people."

The MK said that the act was just another incident in the recent rise of incitement between the religious and non-religious residents in the area.

"Many young kids are incited to be against religion. So is it any wonder," Moses asked, "that these children grow up to commit anti-religious hate crimes? This crime has caused a great shock throughout the country and in this room as well, but it is of little consolation. I hope the police get their hands on the perpetrators."

He concluded by saying, "I hope that with G-d's help this will end. This incitement has to once and for all be removed from the world. We teach about the creation of the world and the 613 commandments, and anyone who wants to follow this path is welcome to do so and behave as the Torah requires us to."