Sara Haetzni-Cohen
Sara Haetzni-CohenHezki Baruch

'Yisrael Sheli' (My Israel) Chairwoman Sara Haetzni-Cohen took issue with Channel 10's coverage of letters sent by her grandfather, Gush Emunim attorney Elyakim Haetzni, to late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in which Hetzni warned Rabin a revolt by the settlers would result should the Rabin government evacuate settlements.

In her post on her personal Facebook account, Haetzni-Cohen wrote: "Although I didn't want to get into the Rabin assassination controversy, here it is, but that's how it is when you hit over a volley too hard:

"So I don't really care that (Channel 10 presenter) Barak Ravid is digging through the pages of history to save the left-wing swan song in Israel and the thesis that the Right assassinated Rabin; in this battle he lost and will continue to lose. I do care that he distorts history, specifically what my grandfather wrote and read him. So to clear the table a bit, because my grandfather probably didn't watch News 10's report, and hasn't yet been able to catch up on the social networks at his young age, so here:

"My grandfather always called for civil revolt, pay attention, *nonviolent*. He mentioned the civil revolt that broke out in the United States following race laws in the 1960s, with Martin Luther King as a model. This is the spirit of his teaching: Nonviolent civil disobedience, including refusal of orders to evacuate settlements."

Elyakim Haetzni
Elyakim HaetzniFlash 90

"I avoided entering into my disagreements with Rabin because I think that the Left, in general, is damaging Rabin's memory for transitory political considerations and an endless sense of victimhood. They perpetuate the schism, division, and hatred, and that of course is their right and let them enjoy. Just that what, we stopped bending our heads.

"I, as a mother, as a public figure and an educator, will continue to educate for tolerance, discourse, democracy, and, of course, about Rabin the man. I don't care what the Left does or will do. I think that we, as a society and as a state, shouldn't forget the Rabin assassination or develop antagonism towards this significant event because of the other camp. There are greater issues than that.

"So for the sake of historical accuracy, please don't fall into the nonsense about my grandfather or about Dompa (Aharon Domb) that Barak Ravid and his friends publish everywhere. It's an idealistic, non-violent group that doesn't for a moment have to prove itself to anyone, certainly not to Barak Ravid," Haetzni-Cohen wrote.

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