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A visitor to the website of Israeli health care provider ("kupat holim") “Clalit” was shocked to find incitement against the prime minister included in an informational paragraph about balding.

In an article on the website about the myths and facts of hair, it was asserted that “balding can be caused by stress and mental pressure.”

According to 0404, while elaborating on the truth of this statement, the article noted that “The event which led to balding must be very significant - hospitalization in intensive care, the death of a loved one or, alternatively, an announcement that Netanyahu won in the elections. Again.”

Following a complaint by the visitor, the section including Netanyahu was removed from the website this morning, according to the report.

Clalit told 0404 in response to the incident: “We apologize for the tasteless text which tried to describe a health phenomenon in a light-hearted way. The text, which was incorporated into an article on a professional medical subject, was immediately removed, and lessons were learned.”

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