Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani addressed an event for Israeli bereaved families Wednesday. The event was organized by the OneFamily organization, which provides aid to victims of terrorist attacks and their families.

During his speech, Giuliani said that the nations of the European Union should not criticize Israel or the US for the steps they take to defend themselves from terrorists.

"Why should we look, for example, to Europe, which is a failure?" Giuliani asked. "They can't even defend themselves. France is frightened of terrorists."

"We're not frightened of anyone," he told the bereaved families. "Not just because we're strong, but because we're right."

"Cowards can't protect people," he continued.

He questioned why European officials believed that the US should learn from Europe when the US is the most powerful nation in the world and has the largest economy.

Giuliani also had tough words for the Palestinian Authority, which he called "a bunch of sympathetic murderers."

The event was also attended by Israel Prize laureate 2018 Miriam Peretz, whose sons Uriel and Eliraz fell in battle. Racheli Fraenkel, whose son Naftali was kidnapped and murdered by Hamas terrorists in 2014, and Natan Meir, whose wife Dafna was murdered by a terrorist in their home in Otniel in 2016.