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Haim Toledano: "There is a new way for a small business to produce effective marketing."

International marketing consultant Haim Toledano presents us with a smart marketing campaign that has recently gained momentum among small and medium-sized business owners because of its ability to create a combination between the worlds of public relations and digital activities.

A digital campaign called Micro Messaging is gaining increasing interest among many small and medium-sized business owners. The demand for the campaign is explained by its ability to generate targeted public relations audiences more simply and cheaply than other digital campaigns. Haim Toledano, an international salesman, and marketing consultant explains that "the need for these customers is combined - validating and establishing the brand, as well as creating awareness and positioning among the target audience.

According to Haim Toledano, the method is suited for anyone who cannot achieve full communication through normal public relations, such as companies operating at a narrow-angle that prevents them from breaking into the public consciousness in a natural and non-marketing way. "As soon as media exposure is marginal, it is not enough to create consciousness and positioning, so there is a need to find a new way that many public relations offices call digital guerrilla warfare."

The stages of action include characterization of the relevant target audiences. The customer base is built using digital means such as Facebook and Google AdWords. Once a large enough potential customer base has been created, the next stage begins - posting some organic articles sent directly to the target audience. The final step, including a post that contains a call to action message. These actions will repeat themselves several times. The process is continuously accompanied by tests that measure its impact on the target audience.

An integral part of such a campaign is creating a call to action. According to Haim Toledano, this is precisely where another tool, remarketing, comes into play. Anyone who clicked, responded, and shared the articles becomes "marked" as someone who has shown interest. The system knows how to send these customers marketing ads.

Haim Toledano: "Sending messages is conveyed to a correct target audience, and the initial exposure is not marketing. To achieve several other goals of the campaign such as formation of a positive opinion and creating brand trust, the emphasis is on appealing to a marketing message - call to action. Only after the previous exposure, which the customer sees as natural, this help strengthens and conveys the message. "

In conclusion, the desire to be more accurate in marketing activities and not to be dragged into massive financial expenses motivates many small and medium-sized business owners to examine slightly more sophisticated methods of action than the traditional tools used in the past.

As far as consumers are concerned, this is a continuation of the trend in which advertising ads became sophisticated and disguised so that it is sometimes difficult to see that we are subject to a marketing attack.

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