Funeral of Shir Hajaj
Funeral of Shir Hajaj Flash 90

Merav Hajaj, mother of Lieutenant Shir Hajaj who was murdered a little over a year ago along with three other officers in a terrorist attack on Jerusalem's Armon Hanatziv neighborhood in which four cadets were murdered and 17 wounded, is furious at the wave of attacks resulting from Israel's lack of deterrence.

"A year and a bit after the attack, I walk around feeling like my daughter was killed for nothing. There are so many things that aren't done. These are unnecessary attacks. There are things that can be stopped and things don't get done, so we're constantly running, talking, writing petitions so things will change in this country and there won't be any more bereaved families."

Hajaj is convinced that had the government taken a more aggressive stance in the war on terror by destroying terrorist homes and expelling their families, the attacks would have been avoided.

"If things were done I wouldn't be a bereaved mother. Why don't they demolish the house within 72 hours of the murder? Today, it takes a month to file an order and another month or two passes, and only then is a room demolished. Why not expel the family?

"My daughter was in an officer's course in an education program, and it really felt good that she was in Jerusalem next to us, nothing told us what was going to happen, a terrorist climbed the hill of Armon Hanatziv and there was a square; he saw the soldiers and it was a split-second decision to run the soldiers over."

The bereaved mother adds with pain, "I think if we had a drop of deterrence, if the terrorist knew his family was being expelled, that the house would be destroyed and that their money would stop, he might think twice before he did it."

Hajaj said that after the murderous attack in which her daughter was killed, "the Interior Minister issued 11 deportation orders and in court it went down to five, and now it's dissolved and nothing's happening. Why is there no death penalty or worsening prison conditions? Nothing's done and there's no deterrence and this is the result."

On the coming Passover holiday and the feelings that come with it, Hajaj says that "Those who aren't in bereavement don't understand what it is, no one can describe such a reality. The army is nice to us but it doesn't help; we gave up everything. It doesn't compensate us.

"Purim is hard, Pesach is hard, the holiday will pass us by. With bereaved families everything passes by us; you don't touch anything. Holidays, winter, summer, everything passes and doesn't touch so it'll pass as soon as possible."

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