FlockFlash 90

A Jewish shepherd grazing his flock near Rimonim in the eastern Binyamin region of Samaria was injured Monday afternoon during an attempted robbery, the Honenu legal aid organization said.

The incident began after local Arabs arrived near Rimonim's security fence, where the shepherd was grazing his flock. The Arabs began to herd the sheep into a nearby encampment, throwing stones at the shepherd. At one point, a number of Arabs approached the shepherd with cudgels.

The shepherd called for help and began rounding up the flock in an attempt to prevent the robbery. During the chase, the shepherd was hit in the face with a rock.

The Arabs managed to bring the flock into the encampment, where the shepherd and another civilian who arrived to help were savagely attacked.

The incident ended and the flock was saved thanks to the quick arrival of security officers from Rimonim and the nearby town of Kochav Hashahar, who hastened to the area and helped the shepherd lead the flock back to Rimonim.

The shepherd said that after the incident, radical left-wing activist Arik Ascherman appeared in the area. "After the difficult incident I arrived bruised to Rimonim Junction, where IDF and police forces were waiting for us. Arik Ascherman from Rabbis for Human Rights approached me and began filming me and creating a provocation," he stated.

The shepherd is now on his way to the police station accompanied by attorney Rehavia Piltz who is assisting him on behalf of the Honenu organization to file a complaint about the incident.